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Questions to ask to HR

The recruiter usually politely asks at the end of the interview “Do you have any questions?” Many candidates sigh with relief, ask questions and don't listen to the answers. Their main aim is to produce impression using their questions. If you adopt this approach, you may miss a good opportunity to learn more about the company and corporate culture.

Interview is a dialog between the candidate and the company's representatives. Remember that not only you are looked at in detail but you should also show sincere interest in the company where you are going to work. So today, we will give a few examples of questions asked by efficient future candidates. And it is always interesting to hear the answer to these questions.

Here are a few examples of such questions:

1. What is the newcomer's first day in the company like? What results do you expect to get from me during the probation term?

Such questions show that the candidate is result-oriented and is ready to work from the first working day. You would probably agree that it is much more efficient to understand the direction of work, its peculiarities, than spend the valuable working time on getting to know the company.

However, this does not replace getting to know the company. A clever candidate will not draw attention to it. This is so natural!

2. What company areas are the most efficient? What services should be developed? What are the priorities?

A successful candidate wishes to develop and show his/her efficiency. In any company there are usually several directions: some of them yield good results at present, and some just require development. The candidate that wishes to work is sure to specify priority areas and may offer some measures to increase efficiency at the interview.

3. What are the main requirements of the top executives? How can you characterize the company's top executives (their work qualities)?

It's an absolutely correct position of the candidate that wishes to find a permanent job and develop in the future. The HR specialist's answer will enable the candidate to understand the key performance indicators of top executives in the organization.
Efficient future employees are interested in the top executives: correspondence of look at business development and a possibility for career development.

4. What will you do if…?

A good candidate is perfectly aware of the market condition and new tendencies. If these are not unsubstantiated, this question is quite appropriate. Thus, the candidate shows that he/she will not yield to hardships.


If you are lucky to meet a successful candidate, tell him/her more about the company's plans and activity. Try to keep to the point. Any efficient future employee will present himself/herself as part of problems and plans of the organization, and then show efficient work.

We will help you find really efficient employees!

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