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To find a job without experience - it's real!

Any company wishes to employ a young candidate, yet not so many employers want to hire people without qualification and train them. So what about students and those that wish to change the sphere of their work? Where to expand experience and get knowledge? We know the answer – come to us.

Recruitment without qualification is much harder. Our HR Managers use special methods which make it possible to evaluate the employee's prospects.

How to find a job if you have no experience?

Candidates send us hundreds of requests, and a lot of them are from people without qualification. We give employment to many of them.What is the secret of the lucky ones?

Success is formed using quite simple rules given below. Follow them, and you will be able to correctly present yourself at the interview and will have more chances to get a job.

What vacancies should be looked at?

These include, first of all, merchandisers, promoters, shop assistants, etc. If you are just at the start of your career, you are a student or a young specialist without experience with big desire to develop, this is a job for you! Start with the basics and you will make an excellent career in a while. Flexible working hours and a possibility to get free training is a big advantage. Success in career depends exclusively on your possibility to present yourself as a top specialist that wants and can develop.

How to make up a CV?

Your CV should contain the qualities that are suitable for the future job. A young mother can say that she is a specialist in time management. If you want to be a designer, write that you are a creative person.

You have education, but have no experience. If you have a diploma or are in the course of getting one, this is an excellent reason to apply knowledge in practice. Ask the employer to give you a chance and take you on probation. Many successful managers started this way. Specify all the skills received during your studies in the CV.

How to behave at the interview?

As we know, experience and knowledge may be accumulated, but not everyone can use it correctly in work. The position of many large companies is that preference is given to active and goal-oriented candidates who then receive training, not to train a specialist with experience to suit the company. So be frank about your desire to work and develop dynamically.

Don't be shy and be active. Make a plan of work and show it to the employer. Specify the deadlines and results. Propose new ideas.
Try right now

Work Service proposes you the vacancies that do not initially require work experience – just write us that you have no experience but really want to work!

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