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How to successfully pass the interview

Interview is a big stress even for experienced specialists, so you have to be well-prepared for the meeting with HR Manager. We would like to give you a few universal pieces of advice that will help you successfully pass the interview.

CV and vacancy

Learn more about the vacancy you wish to fill. Read the vacancy description, find the information on what employees in this position usually do. Many HR Managers are dissatisfied with the fact that not everything, which is important for the candidate in the CV, is important for them. It is common courtesy to prepare a separate CV for a particular company by highlighting the skills and competences required for this position. You can also take the master CV with you.
If you have no work experience, show interest in the vacancy, prepare a story of your achievements in the course of studies, about your advantages, readiness to work to achieve the result.

Information about the company

Study the information about the activity of the company in which you want to receive a job. Get information from any accessible source: find out about products and services, study the printed products, see the corporate site. The information surely needs to be analyzed, and you should probably tell at the interview about the ideas you can implement after you start working. Don't forget that you have to tell about the ideas which are strictly in your competence, and it means no criticism, even constructive criticism.

Main questions

Prepare a brief and informative story about yourself and your working experience. Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Why did you leave your previous job?
  • What are your achievements at previous places of work?
  • Why are you interested in this vacancy?
  • How can the company benefit from your activity as an employee?

Remember that you should not learn answers by heart, your speech should be natural.

Important details

  • Check that you possess the necessary documents (passport, insurance pension certificate, any other documents if necessary)
  • Sleep well before the interview, organize yourself for the meeting with the employer.
  • It is better to come to the meeting in good mood. If something unexpected happened, call the manager and reschedule the interview if possible
  • Think over the itinerary and calculate the required time.
  • Be punctual, try not to be late for the meeting. If you see that you are going to be late, call the manager and tell him/her about it.
  • Think of what to put on for the meeting in advance. Your neatness, tidy business- like clothes are sure to produce a positive impression on the employer.
  • Prepare the questions you would like to ask the employer in advance.

Phone conversation with the employer

  • Introduce yourself, ask your interlocutor's name, say what vacancy you are interested in.
  • Be polite and tactful, don't interrupt the interlocutor, listen attentively.
  • Ask only the most relevant questions which are decisive for you at employment, incl. the necessary documents.
  • If you understood that the position you are invited to take does not suit you, say so politely. Give justified arguments on why you are not interested in the proposed vacancy. The employer may offer you a different vacancy.
  • Remember that clarifying questions can always be discussed at a personal meeting with the employer.
  • Find out the exact address of the place where the interview will be held, the manager's phone number, and discuss the time of the meeting. Agree on the time which is really convenient for you and for the employer.

How to behave at the interview

  • Be tactful and polite while talking to the employer. Look at the interlocutor. Your goodwill, a straight and frank look in the eyes, smile and desire to work is the prerequisite of success at the interview.
  • Try to com a little earlier than the appointed time.
  • If you need to postpone the interview for some reasons or you have changed your mind, call the employer and tell him/her about it.
  • Be prepared to fill in a questionnaire or pass a test before communication with the manager. Respect the company's standards.
  • If you are asked to wait a little for the manager, be understanding about it. Be patient and don't lose the goodwill you came to the interview with.
  • At the interview you will have a possibility to ask the questions you prepared in advance and those that arose in the course of the conversation. But listen to the employer first.
  • Listen attentively to the questions the manager is asking you. Answer the questions honestly, try to speak little and keep to the point.
  • If you are asked to tell about yourself, don't talk too long about your autobiography or say in short that everything is written in the CV. Tell about your education, work experience, personal qualities that help you overcome difficulties and achieve success.
  • Don't forget to ask all the questions about the work you are interested in. Don't overdo it, be tactful and know when to stop.
  • At the end of the interview, when you say good-bye to the employee that conducted it, thank him/her for the given opportunity to take an interview in the company.

If you have no experience of work

Don't worry if your work experience is small or you have no experience. Any company highly appreciates your desire to work and learn something new, and responsible approach. The main thing is to let the employer understand that you are ready to develop and efficiently work to achieve good results. So, regardless of the experience, a knowledgeable candidate is more likely to be employed and given comfortable conditions. You will have to show high quality of your work in practice, and your career will go up.

Work Service wishes you successful interviews and finding the job you want!

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