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Our main benefits are great experience, the best HR specialists, European work principles, a wide geography, guaranteed results and the most effective solutions.

International quality standards

We work in Russia, using high International standards. Our efficiency criteria and requirements for our own work are incredibly high. This approach guarantees you the best results in the shortest time.

Vast experience

Work Service specialists have hundreds of successful HR projects in various industries behind them, and a large number of regular customers all over Russia. Over 10 years, we have annually selected thousands of qualified candidates from Russian and international companies.

Top specialists

The team is the heart of our company. We approach the process of employee selection very carefully. And that is why we only employ the best professionals from Russia and Europe.

We are working in 50 Russian regions

You receive qualified HR services, no matter where you are. The geography of Work Service allows branches to operate successfully with regional businesses, as well as with major federal and international corporations.

Integrated and individual solutions

We have all the answers. You receive quick and effective means to improve your business, whatever sphere you are in. If we have a proven model solution, we will develop it for you.



ул. 2-ая Хуторская, д. 38А, стр. 23, 4 этаж 127287Москва,
Телефон:8-495-662-10-68, Телефон:8-800-505-10-50, Телефон:8-800-505-07-07, Электронная почта: contact@workservice.ru