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Merchandising as an Instrument for boosting sales


"Buy me!" shouts every product on the shelf. And it will really be bought in large quantities. But who makes us buy some products and ignore others? These are merchandisers, the people that professionally stimulate sales at points of sales.

Merchandising in trade is a complex of measures to attract the buyers' attention to the required brands or items. This is the way to attract the customer and boost sales without active participation of personnel, and only at the expense of "passive measures": creation of convenient sales conditions, excellent visual contact, good prices and other tricks.

What is Merchandising?

An ordinary customer does not want to make excessive moves in a shop. He/she wishes to see a clear and profitable trade offer and make a purchase. We can and should provide assistance. It is proved that even if the shopping list has been made in advance, 7 out of 10 customers make a decision to buy this or that product right in the salesroom. It is here that merchandisers appear, struggling for a potential customer's attention.

There are several simple merchandising standards that considerably increase product sales:

  • advantageous location: the product is located in the most convenient place, within best visual accessibility, it is easy to take it from the shelf, the price is clearly and unambiguously specified, all the employees of the shop know where to find it;
  • "eye-level": one of the main rules in merchandising is to place the products at the eye level of the average visitor; it was proved that 30-40% less will be bought from a shelf which is 30 cm higher than this level;
  • closeness to "magnet" products: place your product near popular busy shelves;
  • create an abundance: colorful showcases with a large number of products make the customers want to buy one of them.

It seems to be easy. But in reality, when dozens or hundreds of brands are accumulated in one salesroom, merchandising becomes a real war. And war needs professionals.

Merchandising Outsourcing as a Method of Quick Increase in Sales

Today, more and more manufacturers and trade companies turn to merchandising agencies. These are companies that specialize in serving the customer's points of sale to boost the sales of particular brands. Why is it profitable to engage professionals in products presentation? There are several important reasons:

  • this is much cheaper than hiring personal merchandisers;
  • you have a team of professional merchandisers at your disposal (you don't need to search for and train personnel);
  • resolving your problems involves creation of an individual project that takes into account the specific nature of points of sale and product properties;
  • you can regularly trace the results of work of the hired team thanks to the latest software;
  • you will have the most efficient and up-to-date methods of boosting sales at your disposal.

If you engage specialists to provide merchandising services, you receive time-proven and efficient solutions. Thanks to adjusted schemes and a professional team, merchandising will be one of the cheapest and effective ways of stimulating sales.

Merchandising outsourcing will make it possible for you to develop business without racking your brains over sales stimulation at points of sale. Merchandising agency's specialists will ensure constant high sales figures by realizing the three main conditions of quality sales areas:

  1. constant stock of popular products and prompt filling of shelves;
  2. advantageous location of the main set of product items;
  3. a wide range.

However, present-day merchandising standards are not limited by timely filling of shelves. Today you will be proposed a complex system including all the stages, from the stage of products manufacturing to their realization. Each stage, proposed by merchandising agencies, is improved by years of work and functions ideally.

How Merchandising Outsourcing Works

If you turn to specialists that deal with boosting retail sales, you will receive a detailed merchandising plan for your product group. Here are the main stages of such work:

  1. Diagnostics of the current situation
  2. Analysis of the most efficient methods of boosting sales
  3. Developing merchandising concept for your points of sale
  4. Composing instructions for merchandisers
  5. Development of individual work plans for each point of sale
  6. Approval of strategy and start of works

As you see, before the start of the merchandising team's work you will know in detail what they will do and how and where they will do it. Moreover, constant control and evaluation of efficiency is an important component of merchandising work. Each merchandiser understands that his/her work may be checked at any time. That's why the whole system works as consistently as possible and brings the maximum result by boosting your sales.

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