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Conducting business in a new way: why even state companies use personnel outsourcing


"Where can we quickly and cheaply find the required number of employees?" - this is a question regularly asked by many heads of national companies. A shortage of qualified personnel in various fields is a headache for the majority of directors of different-sized companies – from small companies to large corporations. The answer to such market demands is personnel outsourcing.

Personnel outsourcing is HR technology with one company "renting out" a certain quantity of another company's employees. These employees continue to be registered as full-time employees of the previous employer, but they actually work for the "new" one.

Such a method of increasing the number of employees and rapid involvement of almost any number of qualified employees in work is an extremely efficient business solution. It helps the customer company to stimulate its development without particular financial expenses.

Key benefits of personnel outsourcing

  • Outsourced personnel services cost much less than recruitment of full-time staff.
  • Within a short period of time, you receive at your disposal the required number of qualified employees that need no training.
  • You are not bound by labor agreements with hired employees, and you can terminate employment at any time.
  • You can entrust the supportive business trends to the outsourcing company and focus on the important strategic objectives.
  • This personnel technology takes a considerable load off HR and accountancy departments.
  • Personnel outsourcing is an ideal solution for seasonal work, realization of short-term projects, when you need to temporarily expand the company's staff.

Spheres where outsourcing is particularly popular

Outsourcing can be beneficial for absolutely any company in absolutely any sphere. But there are industries where temporary personnel is in constantly high demand.

  • Retail. Great personnel turnover, low qualification of employees and other reasons make retailers turn to outsourcing companies for the necessary number of employees more and more often. Outsourcing agencies are always ready to offer loaders, cashiers, managers, merchandisers and other personnel to trade companies.
  • Construction. The pace of construction in Russia is quite high, even during crisis. Therefore, the industry incurs a stable shortage of personnel, and many companies actively recourse to outsourcing of semiskilled personnel.
  • Production. Different types of production, especially seasonal and expanding ones, are also constant customers of outsourcing agencies.

In addition, accountants, auditors, IT specialists, psychologists and many other professionals work on outsourcing conditions at an increasing rate.

Outsourcing in Russia: Who Will Benefit

Business conditions in Russia make national businessmen constantly search for opportunities to optimize the company's work. That is why staff outsourcing is growing in demand: we see an increasing total number of employees that work on such conditions, there are more and more occupations whose representatives are outsourced.

Today nobody will be surprised at an accountant or a systems administrator that does not work officially in the company but fulfills certain functions there. The cases when one or two people work like that are increasingly replaced by the examples of outsourcing complete fields of organization's activity.

So, even state companies have been getting used to optimizing their expenses in recent years, including saving on personnel costs. Government institutions more and more often have outsourced marketing and PR departments, transport services and security structures. Even the state finds it easier to hire, for example, a private organization to maintain order in the trains rather than spend time and money on the formation of its own unit.

Personnel management outsourcing is one more popular kind of outsourcing. This is the case when the customer company outsources recruitment, training, adaptation, control personnel and HR record management. In doing so the company significantly frees its internal resource.

Companies engaged in personnel outsourcing

Today there are specialized personnel outsourcing companies on the market. They are ready to offer their customers a wide list of professional positions to be filled by their employees. The guaranteed possibility to quickly obtain skilled employees is being actively used by employers across the country.

Personnel outsourcing is the most popular in Moscow. Business conditions in the capital set special requirements for the companies, making them seek more profitable and efficient ways of personnel policy realization. One of these ways is personnel outsourcing, which is acquiring a more significant position among national HR practices year on year. 

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