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Why is it more profitable to outsource merchandising?


Why is it more profitable to outsource merchandising?

Currently, it is not conventional to separate retail trade from merchandising. Large stores often set a main condition as supplementing the supply of goods by merchandisers. Moreover, suppliers really do understand that this condition is justified. After all, good merchandising has every chance of significantly increasing sales. So, merchandising is beneficial to all.

We understand that the main issue currently confronting suppliers is whether to create their own staff, or outsource merchandising. We describe the main advantages of outsourcing services and provide advice on choosing an outsource agency.

Briefly, and to the point, about the advantages

You will agree that just recruiting staff is not enough: staff needs to be worked on. People need to be trained, then their performance and compliance of efforts with results continuously monitored. At the same time, it is necessary to solve routine tasks such as accounting, payment of wages, motivation, payment of bonuses, holidays, etc.

Generally, the work of selection and adaptation of merchandisers is qualitatively capable of being handled by an exceptionally large personnel department or by an outsource company of professionals. Especially, given the large rotation of staff.

In any case, this amount of work will be extremely burdensome for the supplier. A specialized agency performs the task of selection, training and personnel records of employees faster and better. Work Service undertakes not only the search and selection, but also all the necessary work with the project, including all staff work.

It is ideal when outsourcing merchandising is on the basis of contractual obligations, and when the customer company is a full executor and provides a project manager. Formulation of the task for one person (the project manager) is much easier than for a large group of merchandisers. And the financial responsibility for the results achieved in outsourcing is absolutely transparent. This is unlike the situation with their own merchandisers, who are protected by the Labor Code from any tangible financial liability to the employer.

What should you pay attention to when selecting a merchandising agency?

  • Control system
  • Reporting system
  • Geographic coverage of the agency
  • How the professional level of agency staff is provided

About Work Service and work in the field of outsourcing merchandising

Work Service is European quality of services adapted to Russian realities. That is why we have a transparent pricing system, quality service, and we are prepared to take responsibility for the results.

Control system

We use our own developments and adapt them for each project. Our system is completely transparent, and we provide on-demand route lists, and contacts of merchandisers and supervisors. And much more.

Reporting system

We have an automated system for the most comprehensive reports for clients. We prepare reports as often as is required by the customer. And much more.

Geographic coverage

We work in many regions of Russia. We also provide a current address program for verification. And much more.

How the professional level of staff is provided

Real professionals work for us. Moreover, we regularly conduct training sessions for employees. As for merchandisers and supervisors, we implement planned general and specially training sessions prepared according to the client's goals and objectives. And much more.

How much does outsourcing merchandising cost?

So, we have discussed the main advantages of outsourcing merchandising and some selection criteria for the agency. Now it becomes clear why the cost of merchandising services varies so widely.


We advise you to choose an agency with an adequate quality of service to cost. It is understood that companies providing quality service are going to be somewhat more expensive than companies in the uncivilized market. It is also possible that a low price is just bait for unscrupulous organizations. Of course, they then "achieve" the same full price with so-called "additional services". We are not against additional services, but we are opposed to dragging clients by the nose: selling such services under a guise that any outsourcing company is in any case obliged to do.

Work Service enables the supplier to be in the driving seat of the business, with all routine work taken over. If a cog in a huge machine breaks, our outsourcing company will replace it with high quality and very fast. Our company was one of the originators of outsourcing and outstaffing in Russia. The extensive experience of work allows us to successfully implement projects of any scale. Today, we are trusted companies around the world, including: DHL, OBI, Pepsi, KHLEBPROM, SAMSUNG, LG and others. We are constantly expanding our presence in the regions of Russia. We have a large staff of professionals and many good reviews from customers.

As a high-level outsourcing company, we are always happy to answer any questions from the customer and provide complete information on all matters of personnel work. Call 8-800-505-10-50 (toll free in all regions) - we will be pleased to hear from you!

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