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Why is personnel selection best left to professionals?

poisk personala

It is very good that you ask yourself this question. It is better to calculate all the risks in working with staff, then be surprised by a constant staff turnover. Work Service is well established in the HR services market. We very clearly understand the needs of each customer. Our arsenal includes a wide variety of technologies, and we are ready to take on the full staff selection procedure: from the appearance of the vacancy to adaptation of the new employee.

The staff search and selection process is very laborious, taking up a lot of time, not only in the internal service, but also among the top managers. Today's market demands constantly being on the ball, otherwise even the most successful business will lose ratings and sales. The best solution in this situation is to turn to a company that has long worked in this market segment and finds adequate solutions to address Russian realities.

The selection process: everything is easy and complicated

Forewarned is forearmed. We will tell you what you will be faced with during self-selection of personnel and how our company solves these standard tasks. It is worth noting that this is only a part of the work. We mentioned earlier (link) that we resolve issues concerning tax, wages and dismissal. This is another part of the work, but here, we propose considering the basic work concerning selection:

1. We understand the aims and objectives of the customer. Accordingly, we open vacancies, while taking into account market monitoring data. All you need to do is agree on the working conditions, identify the intricacies of your business and choose the model of cooperation. It is very simple, and we have many ready-made solutions, which of course, we adapt for each client.

2. You do not need do a thorough analysis of resumés and initial screening of applicants for the respective positions. It is a lot of work that is highly time-consuming. It can be compared to looking for hidden gems. We have a huge database of resumés, where gems are ready to go to work tomorrow!

3. Evaluative interview with the applicant. When a desired applicant is found, it is necessary to conduct a further interview to assess key competencies. After this, the motivation and willingness to work can be evaluated. Professional recruiters in our company with extensive experience do this.

4. Training and testing. For some posts, it is not just enough to find specialists, but it is necessary to train them, too (and sometimes at short notice). Our company provides training and training sessions. In the longer term, this of course, significantly increases the profitability of the project.

5. Recommendations. We are able to obtain reliable data about the applicant. This helps to eliminate possible areas of risk and potential problems.

6. Recruitment analysis. Anything can happen: some staff provided may not suit the client. We are ready to solve this problem very quickly.

7. Adaptation of the candidate. Possibility of staff support by our HR department during the probationary period or longer.

Work Service advantages

  • Large number of resumés in the database
  • Fast closure of vacancies
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Flexible payment system
  • All this and much more combine to provide quick results and save time

We respect your decision

We support your every decision. If you decide to entrust recruitment to professionals, we look forward to your call on 8-800-505-10-50 (toll free).

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