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10 ways to financially motivate employees.

motivacia rabota

You can often hear the misconception that only financial incentives will help to stimulate the desire to work effectively for the benefit of one's organization. Certainly a decent salary is a good bonus. But it is important for any person to feel their significance and understand that he is not just a cog in a huge machine, which if replaced will not change a thing. Otherwise, when times of crisis come to the organization, most managers simply refuse to support the company and go in search of a new job.

Therefore, employees must "love their work" and it be made clear to them that the company appreciates their professionalism and interesting ideas. Employees must believe that new products and/or services are born, which help make the world a little better and more comfortable, thanks to the joint efforts of a cohesive team. How can this be achieved? We have formed a few guidelines that will help change the approach to corporate culture, and as a consequence, create a team of professionals who are happy to work for your company. If you can implement it, your staff will not leave.


1. Be grateful and sincerely praise your employees. We all need to have our work appreciated. Thanks costs nothing at all, and the result of commendation can compete with the biggest bonuses. Express gratitude, both personally and publicly.

2. Try not to appoint a project manager! Trust project management to several employees, without singling out a head. You will be surprised how quickly they will form a team and come to work early and stay late, paying more attention to common problems.

3. Express ideas instead of instructions. Following an interesting idea, expressed in the form of friendly advice, is much nicer than a strict order without the right of expression. It will be useful to form a conversation with staff so that they feel that effective ideas came to them.

4. Be cautious with criticism. Is it possible to completely avoid it? But how do you point out mistakes? Easily. Ask as much as possible about the area of work where a mistake was made. The result of this approach is constructive dialog, and you will find a good solution. Open criticism is discouraging and dampens the work process.

5. Find the strengths of staff. Underline the merits of the employee and praise him. In teamwork, tap the strengths of everybody, and say out loud that all these qualities will help bring a project to a new level.

6. Make time for each employee. A good solution is a joint lunch with employees once a week.

7. Award the worthy. Talk about achievements at a meeting or thank them with a diploma or memorable souvenir.

8. Carry out corporate events. Informal communication will help unite the team.

9. Be honest with staff. If a company is in crisis, tell the staff about it, and listen to everyone's opinions. Managers themselves often offer an excellent solution to the crisis.

10. All of the above only works if you, as a good manager, start with yourself and work on yourself and your relationship with the corporation, its culture and staff. It is desirable to be sincere, and your team will respond with effective work. Remember that the atmosphere in the team depends on the company's profit.

The ability to competently motivate staff without using the company's money resources is the way to success for any enterprise. We wish your business success and prosperity, and we will help resolve any problems in working with your staff. Call 8800-505-10-50.

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