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Self-service retail outlets are extremely popular among consumers and may potentially increase your business's profitability several fold if merchandising is managed properly.
Work Service offers its clients an array of merchandising services that can help increase customer loyalty towards the store and particular brands.

The services include preparing goods for retail sale, designing the sales counter layout, distributing advertising booklets and posters, etc. We offer solutions for specific tasks and comprehensive service for your outlets.

This service includes:

  • managing shelf space
  • managing product positioning
  • consultations as a way of establishing customer relations in retail outlets
  • data collection
  • tracking competitor operations
  • promotional events
  • product demonstrations
  • working within retail outlets
  • trade marketing
  • spanning the entirety of Russia
  • high employee qualifications

At the core of work of Work Service's merchandisers are unique techniques that perfectly combine the best advertising and branding solutions. For maximum results, we also use the latest technology to enable our merchandisers to work faster and better.

Work Service employees use EasyMerch, an advanced system of mobile merchandising. This is a special application designed to improve the quality of the team work of commercial enterprises:

  • the uniform system allows work schedule planning for the day, week or month;
  • by using mobile devices, reports will be generated so that you can monitor all employees without visiting the outlets;
  • absolute control over the movement and activity of the merchandiser team;
  • possibility of fast adjustment of plans for individual workers and groups.

In addition, our merchandising methods are always focused on the customer and are not irritating direct advertising. The result of the Work Service's specialists is a significant increase in sales and the formation of high consumer demand for specific brands.




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