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Work Service supported Day of Poland and became its sponsor. The company also provided a master for the event. Pulkovo management appreciated Work Service participation and provided company with the relevant certificate.

Work Service S.A. has been granted the “Spółka Roku 2014” [2014 Company of the Year] title in a competition organized by “Parkiet” Stock Exchange Journal.

Does your company need support, cost efficient support that leads to better shelf management and increased sales in the key retail networks across Russia. Work Service can help you.

EMG Professionals – recruitment and staff consulting company, became the part of Work Service international company.

Work Service took two years to double its revenue and is now opening up to foreign ivestors...

We are pleased to announce that the Work Service entered into "Labor Market Experts" noncommercial partnership.

On May 16, a meeting was held on the future World Championships, which will take place from August to September 2014. Work Service has not stood aside, and provided sponsorship for this event.

According to an agreement signed on January 20, 2013, PineBridge Investments will invest 26 million euros into the development of Work Service.

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