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Work Service is a recognized labor market expert

We are pleased to announce that the Work Service entered into "Labor Market Experts" noncommercial partnership.

The association's main goal is to consolidate the efforts of all participants to address the main issues connected with the development and improvement of the labor market and the use of best practices and standards in the field of human resources. We fully share this mission and have long been working on bringing uniform quality standards to the HR industry in Russia. Moreover, we like the open format of a community where everyone has the right to evaluate the company's performance on a 5-point scale.

The "Labor Market Experts" team congratulates Work Service: "Dear colleagues, please accept my most sincere congratulations on the occasion of entering the "Labor Market Experts" noncommercial partnership and wishes for success in your business! We are confident that your experience will strengthen the expertise of our professional community and will contribute to the further adoption and use in Russia of the best practices and standards in the field of search for and selection and provision of personnel. A corporate membership format that allows all employees to participate in community activities allows active participation in the development of new strategic approaches and solutions in the field of outsourcing and outstaffing."

In turn, Work Service is grateful for your trust! Our strong team of professionals and managers is constantly working on increasing a set of tools for the HR industry that allows us to work more efficiently. And no less important to us are the powerful new ways to serve clients that are under development.

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