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Olga Kravchenko Financial Director, Work Service Russia


Since graduating from the Russian State Finance Academy, Ms. Kravchenko honed her capital budgeting skills while working in the Moscow State Finance Department as a budget group auditor. During that period she focused on return on assets, capital budgeting, cash flow forecasting and modeling.

In 1993, she transferred to a company operating in Moscow under the Wilson trademark. There she was promoted to the role of Chief Accountant where she mastered the intracasies of GAAP accounting and reconciliation of RAS accounting, management accounting and IAS.

In 1994, Ms. Kravchenko transferred to Thermo King Russia where she was indoctrinated in the subtitles of accounting for logistics operations and the management of tax, banking and payroll issues. In 1999, she transferred to the Bosch Siemens Group where she managed eight subordinates as Chief Accountant.

Since joining our group in 2003, Ms. Kravchenko has consistently ensured that our companies are well-funded, properly reported, and fully tax compliant. Based on her performance she has been promoted to the role of Finance Director with supervisory authority over all financial transactions and budgetary decisions of the company.



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