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Outstaffing services present the client with a number of economic advantages. The client frees their financial and monetary resources by entrusting our company with certain aspects of public authority negotiations, internal document management, and other routine operations.

This service includes:

  • individual and/or group staff selection, temporary employment of staff with the necessary skills
  • evaluation and audit of the enterprise’s situation
  • employee training, career development and skill upgrading
  • HR audit
  • drawing labor contracts
  • paying wages to employees
  • HR management
  • submitting reports on the shift schedule
  • accounting
  • ensuring that office operations run smoothly
  • translation services
  • transportation services
  • supporting a computer network and an information infrastructure
  • advertising services
  • security services

Advantages for the client:

  • cuts expenses
  • frees organizational, financial and human resources
  • no need to handle routine paperwork
  • access to a vast pool of skilled job seekers
  • motivation, recognition and retention of the best employees
  • open and flexible cooperation while carrying out all consulting projects
  • thoroughly calculates and minimizes all risks




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