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Paul Christodoulou Vice President of the Management Board, Work Service S.A.


Over the past two decades Paul  Christodoulou has built an international reputation as a manager capable of transforming companies  into profit centers.

He has turned around organizations with shrinking markets, employee, customer and supplier desertion, tax and regulatory challenges into models. Also, he has accomplished these options within vastly differing cultural and business environments from Russia and Eastern Europe to the United States.

Mr. Christodoulou brings a unique set of skills based on both education and experience, and he combines this background with an ability to focus on a problem, communicate and negotiate clearly and effectively with all involved parts, and not only warrant their trust, but most often, gain their active and enthusiastic involvement in resolving the complex and difficult challenges confronting any corporate transformation.

Mr. Christodoulou holds three degrees: JD from Fordham University, MBA in Finance from NYU Stern School of Business, and BS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.




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Телефон:8-495-662-10-68, Телефон:8-800-505-10-50, Телефон:8-800-505-07-07, Электронная почта: contact@workservice.ru