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Richard Magda – Commercial Director, Work Service Russia


Graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Youngstown State University , with a major in Accounting.

Mr. Magda now is an Executive with more than 30 years of experience in general  management,  sales and business development  in U.S.A. and Russia.

Richard has worked mostly with established beverages companies such as Pepsi, Dr.Pepper-7UP, Avalon Water, Coors and Mistic.   He then ventured in to start up beverage companies : Snow, private label waters and Function Drinks.

As a Regional Sales Director in Pepsi International Bottlers in Russia he was  responsible for sales development, marketing, and training in Urals region.  He was also instrumental in completing the first Pepsi production line in the Urals, which is still operational today.

Returned back to Moscow in 2009 to support the sales department of ProLogics Group by increasing sales through the International Companies working in Russia.

Richard became Commercial Director of Work Service Russia in August of 2013.



ул. 2-ая Хуторская, д. 38А, стр. 23, 4 этаж 127287Москва,
Телефон:8-495-662-10-68, Телефон:8-800-505-10-50, Телефон:8-800-505-07-07, Электронная почта: contact@workservice.ru