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It is the staff who provide your business with a competitive edge. This is why your employees must keep developing their skills by attending various training sessions.
Work Service has an unrivaled reputation in the staff training market. We firmly believe that the knowledge acquired during training sessions allows staff members to solve business tasks of various difficulty levels.

In the long run, employee training should not only provide return on investment but also prove profitable and useful to the client’s business. Our training center employs highly skilled instructors with the best experience in the labor market.

Turnkey training packages:

  • training in increasing effectiveness of telephone sales
  • training in new employee assimilation
  • training in teamwork
  • training in staff selection
  • (Effective recruitment, Business communication guidelines, etc.)
  • training in management skills
  • training in team leadership
  • training in effective sales strategies
  • training in B2B sales strategies for business development managers
  • training in merchandising — displaying products within the store’s space
  • training in time management
  • product training

Work Service training sessions are distinguished by:

  • transparent reporting: our clients know they will have proof of effective results
  • an individual approach: even if you purchase a turnkey training package, Work Service still offers customized solutions to suit your specific needs
  • streamlined performance of objectives: you set the goal — Work Service guarantees the result
  • the ability to select the most suitable training format
  • the ability to train employees both on your own premises and on those of the client
  • training sessions provide incentives for employees to be more productive
  • interaction: each training session has a special, tailored interactive communication pattern




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